If an on site quotation is necessary the estimator quarantees to be on site 30 minutes either side of the agreed time. No waiting all day for tradesman.
We are also able to do a site unseen quotation.
An accurate assessment depending on you and your floors needs. Natures Best Floors offers an in depth information guide on procedures and finishes and project length so that you the customer can make necessary decisions and arrangments
The Best job (BEST): obviously is the most important element of every  project.
A typical floor sanding project may see the customer inconvenienced for approx. 4 days which includes drying times, hence there is no room for error.
At times elements that are beyond our control do pop up, but these will be discussed prior to us commencing further works with you; the customer.  (WE ALWAYS KEEP YOU IN THE LOOP)

After project care: Our works are completed with after care service instructions and products to keep your floor in excellent condition which are also offered and explained.

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