"we treat your floors as if they were our very own."

Natures Best Floors is an Australian, family owned & operated business servicing the Melbourne metro area and provide a personal yet professional service.
Our aim is to maintain the highest of standards of professionalism by giving you the best price & best advice, which is our  guarantee for the quality of workmanship.
We pride ourselves on our workmanship, which is why we have a large referral network. Here at Natures Best Floors we are not just timber floor sanders.
We also provide different services such as  deck & timber floor rejuvenation & timber installation and also carpet removal. All these services are provided for the commercial, domestic & Industrial sectors.
At Natures Best Floors we advise you on  how we prepare, sand, finish and maintain all types of timber floors and you will enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done and the natural beauty of a wooden floor that will last for years.
We first  inspect the floor to assure if punching down all exposed nails and any other hardware if needed. When sanding a floor  we always aim to remove the minimum amount of wood.  We use only as coarse an abrasive as needed. Over sanding reduces the life of the floor and dramatically increases the work needed to complete the job. A sanding test  will be done to determine which abrasive will be used to complete works. Once the sanding  is completed  we will then begin polishing your floors with floor polisher to close up the grain the insure a silkiy smoothe finish.
This is the time we will prepare the floor for coatings.
Once the seal coat is put down, the following day the floor will be cut back as the floor will have had grain rise from the seal coat. Following this procedure the final 2 coats willbeapplied sometimes in the same day , weather dependant.